Country Music en Español Artist Stokoff Releases Tribute to Fito Paez


New version of “A Rodar Mi Vida” a respectful nod to one of South America’s most influential and successful songwriters

Boca Raton, FL — February 28, 2020 — South Florida-based Stokoff has released a new single, a cover of the 1993 Fito Paez song “A Rodar Mi Vida. Originally appearing on Paez’s landmark album El Amor Despues del Amor, Stokoff re-recorded the number in Nashville recently, the video is now playing on the artist’s YouTube channel, and it will soon be available on sites such as Spotify, iTunes, and Deezer.

“Early in my career I used to play this song at every honky tonk in Bogota, Colombia,” says Stokoff, the German-born, Colombia-raised singer, songwriter and producer. “At the time, Fito was a vanguard artist in South America, and the song was like an anthem to me. It still is a great song to play live. The funny thing is, it’s supposed to be a Rock en Español song, but it is very country, as you can hear in this new version.”

He is the spearhead of a musical movement called Country Music en Español, which seeks to bring Country music to Spanish speakers throughout the globe. Helping that cause was his last release “Embrujo”, which has to date received more than 1 million plays on YouTube. The video was shot at the iconic venue The Nashville Palace, and represents the last song the late guitarist and producer Dan Warner worked on for Stokoff. Prior to this, his single “Todo Ha Cambiado” was the first Spanish song to be featured on the Apple Music Country Wide” playlist. 

Paez was born in Rosario, Argentina in 1963, forming his first band at age 13. He began his music career by releasing Del ‘63 in 1984 and toured extensively throughout his native country and throughout South America. By the time he wrote and released the record that contained “A Rodar Mi Vida”, he had become a household name in the southern hemisphere, and the subsequent sales of 600,000 copies made him the best-selling Argentine artist of his genre. 

Stokoff has collaborated with some of South Florida’s premiere Latin music talent, including Warner, and vocalist Olgui Chirino. His 2017 release featuring the two called “Pensando en Ti” reached the pinnacle of the Top 100 Bogota and TOP Latin charts, and the accompanying video has also received more than 1 million views on YouTube.

Stokoff will be celebrating the release of this single at Carnaval on the Mile on Saturday, March 7, 2020, at 4:20 p.m., marking his debut at the annual festival and also the first time that there will be an all country and blues stage at the Coral Gables event. 

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Octavio Stokoff’s interest in music began while growing up in South America, where he spent many years trying on different lives for size, only to discover that he was meant to defy the conventions of music. When Stokoff discovered country music, the rest were put aside. He found the music that helped him relate to his roots and his culture, and it helped him feel real love. What he represents now, in America, is the unlikely hero who is following his dreams by being passionately and unabashedly being true to himself. 

Featured at the landmark music festival / competition Viña del Mar Chile in 1998, Stokoff has released four full-length albums, Tan Solo Humano, Juegos de Pasión, Al Natural and Evolucion, along with numerous singles and videos. He is preparing to issue a new collection of country hits translated and performed entirely in Spanish. 

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