Country Music en Español Artist Stokoff Releases Tribute to Jose Feliciano


Remake of Puerto Rican superstar’s hit didn’t start out as a country song, but became one in the studio

Boca Raton, FL — April 3, 2020 — South Florida-based Stokoff has issued another new single,  the second cover in just more than a month. This time he pays homage to Puerto Rican singer, songwriter and guitarist Jose Feliciano with a remake of the 1970 cut “Que Sera” – the song and accompanying video are now streaming on the artist’s YouTube channel. One of the first songs Stokoff learned to play as a child, the song was intended to be a warm up for his Nashville studio band during a 2019 recording session.

“I actually never thought to record it but the studio musicians really put their marks on it and turned it into a country song,” says Stokoff, the German-born, Colombia-raised singer, songwriter and producer. “It’s a sad song but the message is ultimately positive, that one will come back.” A fitting theme for this uncertain and uncharted time of the coronavirus. This version features pedal steel guitar and a very countrified guitar solo.

Making the most of his COVID-19 downtime not only by releasing new music, Stokoff is also performing live streaming concerts on his Facebook page each Sunday night at 7 p.m., and beginning tonight, on his YouTube channel at 7 p.m. ET. Viewers can tune in at

Born blind because of a congenital eye disease in Lares, Puerto Rico on September 10, 1945, Feliciano rose to fame on the strength of his chart-topping cover of The Doors’ “Light My Fire” in 1968. (This is the first song Stokoff heard by Feliciano.) He had subsequent hits, including the holiday standard “Feliz Navidad” and contributed to recordings by John LennonJoni Mitchell and Bill Withers.

Stokoff leads a musical movement called Country Music en Español, which seeks to bring Country music to Spanish speakers throughout the globe. His last release came at the end of February, a remake of a 1993 Fito Paez song “A Rodar Mi Vida”. He is gearing up to release additional singles in the coming months, including a full-length of country music covers recorded in Spanish. 

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Octavio Stokoff
’s interest in music began while growing up in South America, where he spent many years trying on different lives for size, only to discover that he was meant to defy the conventions of music. When Stokoff discovered country music, the rest were put aside. He found the music that helped him relate to his roots and his culture, and it helped him feel real love. What he represents now, in America, is the unlikely hero who is following his dreams by being passionately and unabashedly being true to himself. 

Stokoff has collaborated with some of South Florida’s premiere Latin music talent, including the late guitarist and producer Dan Warner, and vocalist Olgui Chirino. His 2017 release featuring the two called “Pensando en Ti” reached the pinnacle of the Top 100 Bogota and TOPLatin charts, and the accompanying video has also received more than 1 million views on YouTube.

Featured at the landmark music festival / competition Viña del Mar Chile in 1998, Stokoff has released four full-length albums, Tan Solo HumanoJuegos de PasiónAl Natural and Evolucion, along with numerous singles and videos. He is preparing to issue a new collection of country hits translated and performed entirely in Spanish. 

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