Cortadito CD Release Party 11/16


Cortadito Celebrates Release of Canciones de Julio November 16 at Wynwood Yard

Traditional Cuban folk group plays free all-ages show in Wynwood to launch five-song EP of original music

Miami, FL October 31, 2018 Thomas Wolfe may have written the novel You Can’t Go Home, but Miami’s premiere Cuban folk group Cortadito has quite the audio evidence to the contrary. They have now released Canciones de Julio, written and recorded with the group’s co-founder Julio Cesar Rodriguez Delet, and plan a proper celebration and homecoming Friday, November 16, 2018, beginning at 7:00 p.m. at The Wynwood Yard (56 NW 29th Street, Miami, FL 33127). The show will be free and open to the public of all ages.

“I’m happy that this project has finally seen the light of day,” says group co-founder / producer Jose Elias about the material that was originally recorded in 2015. “We are looking forward to performing the new material at the Wynwood Yard and beyond.”

The group went back to their roots and teamed up with Delet for the creation of their second EP release, which features five original compositions written by Julio Cesar, including the classic “Casa de la Trova” written by his father Julio Rodriguez. The fine work of double bass player Yorgis Goiricelaya from Matanzas, Cuba is featured throughout the recording. Yorgis is the Musical Director for Albita Rodriguez’s group and also plays bass with the legendary Oscar De Leon.

Founded in 2011, Cortadito has played countless private parties and corporate events, lounges, bars, and festivals. Most recently, the group backed legendary Buena Vista Social Club member Eliades Ochoa at the Los Dells Festival in Wisconsin, the first multi-genre Latin music festival in the Midwest, and soon to be the largest such festival in North America. They also accompanied him at this year’s GroundUp Music Festival on Miami Beach in February.

Cortadito released their debut CD Abriendo Caminos in 2012, which besides covering a variety of Cuban music standards, featured one original composition by each of the artists “Delicias Caribeña” (Elias) and “Te Lo Perdiste” (Delet).

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 Cortadito’s focus is on performing the traditional Cuban music of the early 20th century. From Son MontunoGuarachaBolerosNengon, and Bolero Son, this dynamic ensemble brings the listener back to a time when Trio Matamoros, or Ignacio Piniero ruled the Cuban music world. The era when popular music was Cuban Music and Son Montuno was influencing music throughout the globe. From time to time, Cortadito is backed by a variety of guest musicians, which gives the group a sound reminiscent of the Buena Vista Social Club.

Jose Elias founded the band alongside Julio Cesar Rodriguez Delet from Santiago de Cuba in November of 2011 after a 12-year stint with Conjunto Progreso that garnered him a Grammy nomination for his participation in the album Masters of Cuban Son. The duo was an instant success and were invited to perform at the Fingerlakes Grassroots festival in Trumansberg, NY. They released their first CD titled Abriendo Caminos in 2012, which featured one original composition by each of the artists “Delicias Caribeña” (Elias) and “Te Lo Perdiste” (Delet).

In 2013, Julio Cesar moved to Houston, Texas and was replaced by Humberto Upierre from Guanabacoa, Cuba. The group then expanded into a trio which included percussionist Andres Polanco Rivas from Holguin, Cuba. In 2014 , the group reunited with Julio Cesar to record what would be the songs for their next release, which included the participation of double bass player  Yorgis Goiricelaya from Matanzas, Cuba.  Yorgis is the Musical Director for Albita Rodriguez’s group and also plays bass with Oscar De Leon.

From 2015 to 2017 the group added various musicians to the roster, including the likes Eduardo Saborit on vocals and rhythm guitar from Santiago de Cuba, percussionist Santiago McCookWilfredo Fuentes Cespedes who recorded and toured with Eliades Ochoa, and Horacio Rodriguez, who worked with Orquesta Aragon from 2000 to 2016. Most recently, the group has added double bass player Alberto Pantaleon, who has toured with the Buena Vista Social Club and Eliades Ochoa.

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