Celebrate 20 Years of The Wallflower Gallery


The Wallflower Gallery Celebrates 20 Years at Churchill’s Pub May 13

Miami, FL – April 26, 2017 – Although the original location has been long closed and the building the housed it has been razed, The Wallflower Gallery remains a favorite art space, live music venue and community meeting locale to those who knew it well. On Saturday, May 13, the still-vibrant brand will celebrate 20 years of creative interaction with a multi-media showcase of art, music, spoken word, dance, comedy, community speakers and lots of fun. The festivities will take place at Churchill’s Pub (5501 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33127), beginning at 4 p.m. Admission is $10; 18 and over are welcome.

The performance arrangements will feature some of The Wallflower Gallery’s previous showcase formats such as the Songwriters’ Series, Dynamic Duos, Voice & Soul and Interactive Improv Jams.

“We are working to bring together as many of the musicians, artists, poets, dancers and performers from The Wallflower Gallery’s history as possible,” says owner and community activist Flash. “In addition, we will include community speakers from local organizations who were active in The Wallflower Gallery, plus, we are reaching out to former staff and patrons as part of a BIG FAMILY REUNION!”

This is not going to be a typical anniversary show, and part of the appeal will be to make it unique for the artists and audience involved. Each set will include special guests to expand the range of the music.  Spoken word artists will join the bands for short pieces to enhance the spontaneity and creativity of the experience. The different formats will layer the performers together and provide a platform for interaction.

“At the same time, we are initiating some reunion performances and bringing some disbanded groups back together,” Flash continues. “With the Interactive Improv Jams, we are combining various performers and sparking inspiration with an experimental flavor. For 13 years, The Wallflower Gallery provided a home in Downtown Miami for artists to develop their craft and enhance their skills. Since the building was torn down in 2010, The Wallflower Gallery has bolstered artists and events through social media and showcase support.”

This event signifies the impact of The Wallflower Gallery beyond the physical building and demonstrates how the essence of collaborative creativity enriches our community and the individuals involved.

Here is a list of confirmed performers:

Out ofThe Anonymous (reunion show)
Pans Permia
The Oski Foundation
The Slaves Are Mad
Symbiotic Simians
Ana Kanpa (reunion show)
Carl Ferrari & Friends
Peter Betan
Mr. Grim Reapa
Richard Shepherd (Traveling from New York!)
Fabio Patino
Moonshyne Brown
Jon Ryczek
Tom Schafer
Sheik Al Reyes
Rene Alvarez
J J Freire
Ric Zweig (Traveling from New Orleans)
Bryant Del Toro
Andrew Bayuk
Jomo Faulks
Linda Reiling
Mike Sharpe
Anthony Nelson
Deep Water Willy
& more

Chasing Tales
& more

Live Art
Luis Valle
Anibal Fernandez
& more

Sofia Luna
& more

Community Speakers
Sara Yousuf – Emerge Miami
& more

Memorial Tribute
Mark Schusheim (Wallflower Gallery doorman & spoken word artist)
Leon Banossian (Pale Blue Dot)
& more.

For more information, visit www.WallflowerGallery.com or call 305.579.0069.


Michael Mut
Mut Communications