Roots Music, Inc. Powers Live Entertainment at Guanabanas


Roots Music, Inc. Powers Live Entertainment at Guanabanas

For nearly a decade, Jupiter record label and promotions company has booked local national, international acts at the waterfront restaurant

Jupiter, FL – May 31, 2017 – Visit Guanabanas Island Restaurant & Bar on a Wednesday, Friday or Saturday, and chances are you will hear an act booked or nurtured by Roots Music, Inc. The company led by music industry mainstay Matt Cahur has organized, promoted and otherwise facilitated South Florida music programming, concerts and festivals for nearly 20 years, the last nine at Guanabanas Restaurant. Cahur, also an accomplished guitarist for the Jupiter roots / reggae act Boxelder, is Guanabanas’ lead audio engineer as well.

“The work Matt does through Roots Music is a critical component to our brand and concept,” says Guanabanas’ General Manager / Vice President Jon Sullivan. “He has been instrumental in establishing Guanabanas as a legitimate music venue. It’s not always easy to sell a ‘gig at a restaurant/bar’ to some of the bigger bands that have outgrown that stage of their career, but he’s done a great job making sure they know that we take it seriously.

“He has a great eye for bringing new and quality talent to Jupiter and he constantly gives back to the music community in South Florida by mentoring young bands and helping local bands book gigs at venues all over the state.” The two met when Sullivan joined Guanabanas in 2008 during the construction phase of the restaurant, when Cahur was building the stage, installing the sound system throughout the entire restaurant and developing the music program.

“I love producing shows at Guanabanas,” says Cahur. “All the bands love the environment and the stage setting, and we pride ourselves on creating an incredible artist experience because that transcends to the fans and listeners.” Being a musician himself, he understands what it’s like to be treated poorly on the road. He’s grateful to Guanabanas’ management for allowing him to achieve the goal of producing the best possible live music experience for both band and fan alike. “They have supported the music program from the beginning and it has been wonderful.”

The music bug bit early for Cahur. Purchasing the Kiss album Dressed to Kill as an eight-year-old changed his life forever. When Boxelder formed in 1995, the band needed a label and a promotions company to help them along. Thus, Roots Music, Inc. was born. Cahur continues to manage Jupiter standouts like Moska Project, The Helmsmen, and others, as well as promote and produce live music events and release records under the label. Guanabanas, however, is his main steady gig.

Of the hundreds if not thousands of shows and dozens of festivals Cahur has produced at Guanabanas, Sullivan’s favorite is the Sashamon gig he booked for the GM / VP’s birthday one year. “It was an awesome show. However, I can’t forget about was our first large scale event at the Seabreeze Amphitheater that we called Kayabuya featuring Less Than Jake. It was absolutely insane and such a cool experience to put on a show of that size,” offers Sullivan.

Notable upcoming Roots Music events at Guanabanas include Uproot Hootenany June 16, Funkin Grateful June 28, and Goose July 5. For the full lineup at Guanabanas, visit For more information, please visit or call 561.379.8598.



Roots Music, Inc. specializes in event production, artist development, and promotions. With nearly 20 years’ experience consulting in the music industry, RMI is a leader in the South Florida music scene. They are helmed by local musician, sound engineer and producer Matt Cahur, founding member of Boxelder and talent buyer / house engineer at Guanabanas Island Restaurant & Bar.

Roots has hosted national and international touring acts, as well as nourished the Jupiter-area’s local music scene through booking and promotions. Roots currently represents The Helmsmen, Moska Project, Bryce Allyn, and Boxelder.

For more information, visit or call 561.379.8598.

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